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Important Points to Consider When Selecting Promotional Items

Important Points to Consider When Selecting Promotional Items

There are few things that you need to consider when selecting the best merchandise to give as a promotional item. Below are some pointers to consider when wanting to select the best item to give-away for your promotion:

  1. Survey what kind of promotional items your competitors often use
  2. Compare the prices of merchandise
  3. See which one can allow for maximum impact. So allow for your company name, logo and contact details to be on the product
  4. Compare and select the best and find out how much the total cost of production is

Here are 5 reasons for customers to take the promotional items you offer:

  1. Customers like to receive items they can use on a daily basis
  2. They have a preference for quality versus quantity
  3. They would like to receive something unique and attractive
  4. Customers are willing to try out something new with promo items

Also here are some things you have to remember when giving out promo items:

  • Determine how much you want to spend for promo items
  • Consider the quality of the merchandise
  • Provide clear information on its intended use if a novel item to avoid confusion
  • Always make sure that they are made with the highest quality possible
  • Don’t give away things that do not have much significance

Business owners have a great advantage when giving away promo items. That is because they can effectively convey what they have an effective vehicle for communicating with their buyers. Those who are not yet familiar with their company, products and services are now in close connection through the promo items. If you are making your own promotional items, take note about the “less is more” theory. That means simplicity is the key.

The very basic information that you should place on your promotional item is your logo, but you might also include:

  • Message
  • Specific call to action
  • Web address
  • Contact number
  • Business Address
  • Product name

The above list is some of the more important content that could be included on your product in clear text. Remember any text errors will cause confusion to your potential customers so ensure you review all the proofs meticulously. Also legibility is highly important. If they want to place an order or call for your services, an unclear number will result in fustration. A physical addresses should also be indicated clearly as potential customers may drop by and make a visit. Try your best not abbreviate a word as some people may not be familiar with a specific abbreviation.

This is also another reason why you should use a professional designer. They know how to fit in the right amount of text with the right use of font to ensure that the details are legible and have high impact. Professional designers also make use of their imagination to create high impact promotional messages on items. Remember people are attracted to items that are . This is another reason for them to take what you offer and finally get your message conveyed.

Aside from giving promotional items to prospective new clients, old customers and employees, you can also give them away when an individual makes a purchase. In many industries this proves to be a highly effective way of increasing sales. The advantage of giving custom branded items is they will have your company name in their sight every time they use your item. So it serves as a reminder that your company sells the product they need and all the goodwill that comes with giving a freebie. This is an effective promotional tactic that will draw people in to buy what you offer. Remember word of mouth spreads like fast!