Promotional Bags

Give a practical gift with your logo on it. Custom branded bags are a great option to give your staff, clients or as a give away during events. You can always add your own gear inside of it as well, or couple this item with some other custom branded promo merchandise from our range.

Wild guess. You’re looking for a Promotional Bag?

Okay so maybe that wasn’t really a wild guess. You’re obviously looking for a Bag as a Promotional Product seeing you either searched for that word or clicked on the Bag button… and now you’re reading this! So let me make this worth your while. We’ve got everything you’re looking for when it comes to Promotional Bags. Just click on one of the buttons above. The only thing we have missing is your shiny logo on it 🙂 Now if you’re super lazy and can’t be bothered to scroll up let me summarise the main bag categories we’ve got. Backpacks, Drawstring Bags, Compendiums, Conference Bags, Cooler Bags, Enviro Bags, Full Colour Printed Bags, Laptop Bags, Picnic Sets, Plastic Bags, Sports Bags… and last but by no means least Tote Bags. Hooray.

If by some freakish mistake we’ve missed out on a bag you’re looking for, chances are we still have it. Our web monkeys just forgot to add it! Naughty web monkeys, shame on you. Just Contact Us and we’ll find that product and get our team onto it. Why would I use a Bag as a Promotional Product?

We often get asked why would I get a Bag with my company name or event on it? Uh Duh [insert cheeky grin here]. Dont you want people to know about your company and remember it! Okay so maybe we went a little over the top with our reaction but you get the point. If you want people to remember your company name, product or service give them a reason not to forget it. We’ve been in this business for a long time and the fact is people love getting something for nothing. Or at least they think it’s for nothing. The truth is if people forget your company name then they forget to do business with you. Need a better reason.


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Some of the companies that trust us with supplying their promotional merchandise