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How to Market a New Product

by admin
Promotional items have been around for a number of years. It dates back to the time when George Washington was running for president and he gave out several pin buttons for his campaign.

It resulted in a positive response from the crowd and has proven to be a very effective marketing strategy. In more recent years, people use promotional items to help promote their services and endorse new product launches. There are a lot of reasons why business owners choose to use promo items. There are many industries that utilise them, for example those who are engaged in the IT industry often give out promotional USB flash drives. Not only because it is in line with their services but also because it is a durable and long lasting solution. The great aspect of any promotional item is the fact that companies can put their details on the product along with any other message. It can include the companies logo, website, address and other contact details.

According to research, companies that give-away promotional items have an increase in sales revenue. There are many reasons for this including the fact that people who receive these branded items remember fondly the company who gave it to them. In other cases new customers are easily attracted when offered an item for free. Take note that potential customers won’t simply take any product that is for free. The item being given away must be useful and ideally one that can be used on a daily basis. Functionality is the key, for not only the potential customer but also for the company giving it away. Keep in mind the more the item is used the higher the frequency of them seeing your company name. The wrong item can bring negative results. That means you don’t only lose money in purchasing the product, but you also lose the opportunity to build that relationship with a prospective client that could have been a part of your success story.

You will find new customers are really enticed when you give out great merchandise for free with every purchase. It has been found that 29.5% of potential customers preferred receiving items that they can use on a daily basis. If you’re planning to give out a promotional item, USB drives are a great idea. That is because almost everyone has a computer at home and in the office. Also the fact they are handy enough to carry around in your pocket and easy enough to be plugged into any laptop computer to store and transfer files from one device to another. Don’t forget the printing space you get with a USB . They can be custom branded with your company’s name and logo on it. This way, you get to advertise not just to one person but to everybody who sees the product while being used. Higher visibility means greater brand recognition and more potential for new and repeat business transactions.

A word of advice, lets not forget the old clients who also wish to receive promotional items from the companies they have done business with! By giving away an item of interest and value you let them feel they are valued for their loyalty. The same is true with employees in a company. Giving them freebies and perks will help to increase their general work output and loyalty. This is because they feel appreciated through the act of gift giving. They can also be inspired to strive more because of the value they get through the perks offered. Although they don’t necessarily need to cost much, people who receive gifts feel they are given high importance.

“In other cases new customers are easily attracted when offered an item for free.”
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