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Why You Need to Use Promotional Products

by admin
Internet, TV, print, radio… you have so many options to advertise your company. But who would have thought that promotional products actually beat all types of advertising media? A new study that interviewed over 500 business people (all recipients of promotional products) found that 81% remember very clearly the advertiser on the product they received.

This can ring true – how many of us can recall the name of the advertiser on a TV commercial they watched today? Possibly the product or service is remembered, but with so much competition for the same product out there, it is easy to get caught up with not knowing who the advertiser was, or who is best to stand out? But if one receives a promotional product that they can tangibly hold and take home, they are much more likely to recall the advertiser straight off the top of their head, first. And this is what we want – to come to mind before our competition!

What’s the advantage

Not only will your company come to mind first, but this can lead to increased sales. The study showed 71% of people follow through with doing business with the advertiser on a promotional item after receiving the item. This is a significant finding, given that such a small investment can potentially lead to inevitable new sales, or just simply enhancing the current relationship of existing clients. But what if the promotional product is so common, wouldn’t people just throw them away?

No! Interestingly enough, just when you thought the common person would throw away that pen or water bottle after a few days or weeks, the study found otherwise.

Most business people kept promotional products for an average of 9 months, and many products such as logoed bags and coffee mugs were kept longer.

This is why it is important to think about the right promotional product to give away when choosing something to brand your logo on it. You need to look for something that has long life use. Items such as bags, coffee mugs and drink bottles are products that business people hold on to for a long time, because they are both useful and re-usable. This translates into a lot of brand exposure for the product or service you are trying to promote. Items such as bags have large-scale exposure to the public. On the other hand, writing instruments such as pens and stationary items are used several times a day by the same person. So if it is exposure you are after, then sought after mugs and bags. But if you are trying to lure just the one person in, you have better chances with pens, stationary and water bottles.

So it may be about time to sit and analyse your marketing budget. The next time you wish to spend on advertising through the internet, television, radio, or print, it maybe worthwhile reconsidering your options of investing in more promotional products. It might just be the key to getting your dollar’s worth within such a competitive market.

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